podcast-imageDylis Guyan is an experienced International Sales and Marketing leader, mentor, keynote speaker and founder of B2B Sales Academy. She has over 20 years experience in the sales and marketing environment.

In 2000, she set up her own company working with B2B Business Owners and Professional Sales People to help them attract, convert and retain a consistent, steady flow of ideal clients without having to work so hard, thereby increasing revenue. She helps her clients to understand the ‘What, Why and How’ with proven, undiluted, step-by-step strategies on exactly how to get those high paying clients.

In this episode:

2:00 Her BIG realisation

2:52 How she started her own journey and the early lessons she learnt

6:42 Sales and marketing are intrinsically linked

7:27 The need for strategic marketing

8:30 Profiling and defining your ideal client

18:55 Being consistent in your marketing activity

19:58 Describing how your products / services will solve the prospect’s problem

21:55 Helping your clients meet their objectives.

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