Rich German, co-founder of JVIC

Rich German – JVIC

Rich German, is the co-creator of the power of Joint Venture Insider Circle.  He is also an author, speaker, business and life-style coach and passionate paddle boarder. 

Since 1999, he has conducted over 18,000 individual coaching sessions (which is quite a feat!) and is the co-founder of Joint Venture Insider Circle, a multi-million dollar business.

JVIC, its the world’s largest community of Joint Venture-minded entrepreneurs, where Rich teaches them how to leverage the power of joint ventures to build their business.

He co-created a million-dollar business in less than nine months, with the power of Joint Ventures.

Consequently, Joint Venture Insider Circle (JVIC) leads the world’s largest community of Joint Venture minded entrepreneurs.    As a result of applying the same strategies to this own business, he has managed to create a multi-million dollar entity.  Consequently, he has financial freedom and the ability to pursue his passion for paddling in the ocean with sharks.

In this episode of the power of joint ventures:

03:35  The power of leverage and collaboration with joint ventures

13:00  Trust your instincts and create transformations

15:06  Creating balance and discipline to create financial freedom

18:43  Collaboration is the new competition 

19:40 Creating relationships for success with joint ventures.  

Cultivating and leveraging the power of joint ventures is also explored in the proven strategies for energising your business.

We explore similar issues in a previous interview with Raven Glover where she described the power of Joint Ventures in her business as well as using authority of others.

More information on Rich can be found here.

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