Croissant versus BagelsRobbie Samuels, is recognised as a ‘networking in business’ expert by Inc and Lifehacker. He is the author of the new best selling business book ” Croissants versus Bagels: Strategic, Effective & Inclusive Networking At Conferences”.  

He has also been profiled in  “Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” by Dorie Clark.

Especially relevant, as a coach, speaker, and author, he shifts mindsets. Consequently, he helps his clients to become more strategic, effective, and inclusive when networking in business.  

This creates a more diverse and vibrant professional network resulting in new business opportunities.

He explains why he coined the term “Croissants versus Bagels” and consequently, why it is necessary to be more inclusive (like a croissant) when networking in business.

Furthermore, he explores why preparation and the right mindset are key to success in networking in business. This results in him providing some very useful insights and networking in business tips and techniques for successful networking.  All of which, can lead to long-term business relations.

In this episode of networking in business:

03.23 ‘Croissants versus bagels’ – how he coined the term

07.57 Networking as a mindset shift

08.20 How to be strategic in order to maximise Return on Investment

11.21 Transactional (what’s in it for me) versus offering (what can I offer)

22.24 Key tips for introverts at networking in business events

27.08 Key strategy for being more effective at the networking events  

34.16 Tips on how to have an engaging conversation

36.38 Graceful exit strategies at networking events

56.49 The #1 myth associated with networking in business

60.03 Most noteworthy take-aways from this episode

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