Kavit Haria

Kavit Haria

Kavit Haria is the author of the best selling book “Don’t Sleep On It – Turn Your Passion & Expertise Into A Profitable Online Business” and founder of Insider Internet Success.

Growth Strategy Framework

In this episode, we initially explore how Kavit turned his self-promoting skills as a musician into his first company – Insider Music Business.  
Following his success in the music business, he began to build on his expertise and branched out into other forms of consultancy.
He did this by sharing his marketing automation strategies to help business owners in the UK, as well as in New York and Sydney.
He then founder, his company, Insider Internet Success, to help experts to strategise, build, launch and market their online products and services.

Tips For Creating A Profitable Online Business

In the second half of the interview, we explore Kavit’s new book, which breaks down what strategies you need to create a thriving expert business – in a clear step-by-step format.  This includes very valuable steps and examples of:
  • rethinking the value of your products or services
  • understanding and attracting the right people to your business
  • creating your expert brand
  • creating and marketing your product or service

In this episode of Turn Your Passion & Expertise Into A Profitable Online Business:

08:36  How I learnt my craft of marketing
09:53  Learning to let go!
11:15  The skeleton of a sales process for an online business is the same irrespective of the type of niche
12:10  Providing really valuable content but the clients were not getting results 
13:53  Viewing my own business as having different ‘departments’ 
22:00 The lack of consistency and failing to ‘love your potential customers’
23:20  Meeting potential customers where they are at before bringing them to you
24:29  Passion + Consistency = Success
26:00 The four parts to building a successful online business
30:55 Your first product can last you years
You can find out more about the book “Don’t Sleep On It’ at: http://dontsleeponitbook.com.
ADDED BONUS: Listeners who purchase the book, will receive FREE templates and examples to help implement the strategies within the book.
Additionally, if you are wanting to get off the “feast and famine revenue train“, then check out two further FREE Resources
  • The 7 Minute Checklist to Financial Freedom For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs here and 
  • The 7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business here. 

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