Cami picCami Baker is a speaker, presenter, author and creator of “NetPLAYING”. She has had an entrepreneurial streak in her since the age of 8!

She has a diverse portfolio of experiences which include owning a bar/restaurant on Panama City Beach for 7 years, then moving into Real Estate when she moved to New England, where under the guidance of her mentor, she managed to make 100,000 dollars in the first year alone. ‪Over the past 15 years, it has been her tenacious desire to learn, grow and succeed that has made her an expert at communication, body language and building rapport, whether it be on the phone, face to face or virtually and she has coined the very neat term “Netplay’.

In this episode:

4:56     My introvert nature

6:30     Change in mindset – getting past the fears and insecurities

8:15     Netplay instead of networking

19:00   Why unfocused networking does not work

30:24   Why INTENTIONAL networking is vital (Having Intention to Pay Attention to Have Retention)


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