If your business earns less than $250,000 per year in revenue, there’s a very good chance that you’re falling down as you are not pursuing the key fundamentals for success!

Here’s TIP #1 – The Three Key Pillars to Success!

The three fundamental pillars to success in ANY business are:

1. Having the right systems in place

2. Creating the right mindset / ‘worthset’for business success


3. Taking regular and detemined action!

When it comes to developing, retaining and or getting new business, entrepreneurs and independent business owners rarely have a defined system to begin with. In my expereince, most of us (including me at the start of my business!) ended up winging it.

It is possible that this situation resonates with you…….like a lot of us, you may have enjoyed some initial success without any systems, however, when this success has begun to wane, you have struggled with what to do next.

This struggle has intensified further when you have not felt confident or comfortable in say the sales or marketing roles.

However, the creation of the right systems, firstly, help you to become more confident, comfortable, and successful in making the right decisions that generate ongoing revenue.

Secondly, it helps you to take a systematic approach to maximizing your company’s revenue growth for the future. This is equally true for both small businesses as well as corporates.

Consider Nokia’s fortunes – they were aware of the changes going on around them and they were never short of leading-edge technology or clever marketers. Where they struggled was in converting awareness into action. The company lacked the capacity to change in a decisive and committed way.

Part of this was having the right structures and processes in place to be able to make those informed decisions. The scale of the business maybe different but the issues are the very same for small businesses!

There is no doubt that we as entrepreneurs and independent business owners firstly need a create the right mindset and secondly “”worthset” to be successful in business.

As Carol Dweck, Stanford professor points out in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, ‘talented people who find success have a growth mindset’.

This is true both in terms of personal and business growth mindset – anticipating failure, taking (calculated) risks and willing to stay curious and learn new skills are all part of this success mindset for business owners.

That’s a very ‘healthy’ starting place but to really succeed you need to believe you are worth the trouble of those actions as Sandra Yancey puts it – “your worthset”” – which touches you on a much deeper level”.

Once you recognize and believe in your own worth, you can do anything!

In my opinion, taking conserted and determined action is one of the most important steps for success for any business and can be the single greatest difference between success and failure. Despite our best intentions, we can get quite caught up in the detail, which leads us to become overwhelmed and frustrated and ultimately,  threading treacle!

Those who succeed, do so by taking regular action to find solutions and progress their business!

Real commitment means doing everything in your power to get things done. As Pablo Picasso said “action is the foundational key to all success”.

Comment below and let me know what has got you stuck in your business and whether these three key fundamentals for success resonate with you.

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Wishing you every success in your business venture!


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